Model 1

14 size, 19 jewel.  This model is easily recognized by its size and by the Holy Bible engraved on the plate that supports the winding arbor.  The bevel pinion extends through this plate and is visible from the back.  The pallet bridge is gilded to match the other bridges.

Model 2

12 size, 19 jewel.  Easily distinguished from its predecessor, this model differs by its size and has a silver colored Bible mounted to cover the bevel pinion which was previously exposed.  The bible is basically flat with beveled edges with the words"Holy Bible" engraved on the flat surface.  The pallet bridge on the model is damascened to match the lower plates and is not gilded.  


These watches include some features of both the Model 2 and Model 3 watches.  The model shown has an externally riveted Bible and a modern vial type spirit level.

Model 3

12 size, 19 jewel.  This model is characterized by a dial displaying the Masonic symbols.  The movement has a silver colored metal Bible over the bevel pinion that is more three dimensional than the Model 2.  The Bible is externally riveted in place.  Another difference lies in the third wheel bridge.  On both the Model 1 and Model 2, this bridge was in the form of a modern vial type spirit level.  On the Model 3, this bridge was changed to symbolize the more authentic plumb type level and is distinguished by the rounded form at the jewel end.

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